The private sector is leading prosperity creation and integration efficiencies for the sustainable economic benefit of the US-Mexico border region despite the consistent political uncertainty.


Bordernomics Alliance is a diverse group of binational business leaders delivering to economic opportunities for the US-Mexico border region. Our competitive advantage is data-driven research focused on modernized financial strategies for investment that produce positive outcomes.


Bordernomics is the roadmap for prosperity along the US-Mexico border:

  1. Bordernomics estimates that annual business activity in the ten state area includes nearly $9.1 trillion in expenditures, $4.4 trillion in gross product, and $2.7 trillion in personal income.
  2. Bordernomics analysis of trade indicates estimated total export potential from the ten state area of nearly $2.3 trillion per year.
  3. For the US border states, as a whole, the net export potential is more than $1.9 trillion, while for the Mexico border states, the net export potential is almost $365.0 billion.


We provide information and strategies that will give businesses

  • Cross-Border Supply Chain Efficiencies
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  • Internal and External Infrastructure Analysis
  • Targeted High-impact Business Investments
  • Identify Emerging Areas of Trade Opportunities